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We started this business to help out all dog owners with that stinky and dirty task of picking up their dog poop. We are dog owners ourselves so we know what to expect with this job. We grew up on a hobby farm so you know all about caring and cleaning up after animals. We started this business June 2008 and we were the only company in the north that provided this kind of service and we have been helping hundreds of people clean up their yards. Our team is outgoing, reliable, trusting  and family oriented. We do not judge anyone no matter how bad the yard looks. We go in and look at our task and get it done in a positive way. We know we are helping many people have a clean yard for the kids to play, for the dog to run and for everyone to get out and enjoy the yard more. Dog poop if not picked up can lead to illness and disease to both humans and pets.

So please keep your yard clean.

About Our Team

Spring cleaning: The yard after

What type of people hire us?

‚ÄčPepe La Poop N Scoop Service

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Our clients consist of busy professionals, working moms, senior citizens, and the disabled. With working families and limitless activities; our services are needed by many people. We provide a professional approach to handling a dirty chore. Cleaning up dog poop is the most unpleasant part of owning a dog. No one wants to see it, smell it or spend free time picking it up. Hire us to do the dirty work for you. Our pet waste removal service will come to your residents on a scheduled basis, pick up the dog waste, bag it and put it in your waste bin for city removal.
Pepe La Poop N Scoop also provides service to apartments, apartment buildings, condominiums, town homes and commercial property

Listen to my CBC radio Interview to hear what we are all about:

Poop n scoop cleaning in the winter

"Dogs poop every day so we know if not managed it gets out of control. Our busy time of the year is the spring when the snow starts to melt and exposes all that winter poop so we are glad to help clean up that yard for you and we know it helps you out big time. We get you back on track even through we only do one cleaning for you. Our team usually cleans it up in half the time it would take you, so why not call us in to do the big job of the year"

Some of the Team from left to right :

Michel, Sharon and Owner Karen

Just another day pooper scooping.

The good thing is it wasn't raining

Spring cleaning: The yard before