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Pepe La Poop N Scoop Service


Why hire Pepe La Poop N Scoop Services?

Pepe La Poop N Scoop Services is dedicated to making life easier for dog owners by cleaning up dog waste from your yard. It's time consuming, and nobody really wants to do it. Besides, you have better things to do with your time, like unwinding and enjoying your free time with your dog. So let us handle your dog's business so you won't even have to think about it. Just think no more arguing with family members, roommates or tenants about who has to pick up the mess, it’s our job now.

Why should I have my yard cleaned?

There are various reasons to have your yard cleaned. First, it will prevent dog waste from being tracked into your house and vehicles. Second, your yard will be more presentable. Also, feces attract flies as well as other pests. Therefore, keeping your yard clean will protect your family, your pets, and the surrounding community from health risks associated with dog waste. Lastly, dog waste can also seep into ground water and contaminate our storm sewers and waterways.

Why not just let it disintegrate?

Dog waste can pose a serious health hazard not only to dogs but also to humans. Common parasites, including round worm and tape worm, are transmitted through dog waste. When this waste is left on the ground, the eggs can remain in the soil for years. As a result, anyone who comes in contact with the soil also comes in contact with the infected eggs. Children run the greatest risk of infection because they're prone to playing in the dirt and then put their hands in their mouths or rub their eyes with their hands. If you don’t clean up after your pet, the waste doesn’t just disappear. Rainfall washes the waste into the sewer system, which empties it into local rivers and lakes. Fecal contamination can make water unsafe to drink and unfit to swim in. The health problems associated with fecal contamination of our waters include ear infections, dysentery, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis and hepatitis A. 

When is the clean-up done and can you work with my dog(s) in the yard?

The job is done whether you are home, at work or even on vacation. All we need is access to the yard that needs cleaning and we will do the rest. Please have your gate unlocked on your service day. You may provide us with a key to the locked gate or tell us the combination. If you like, we will loan you a combination lock at no cost to you.

We get along well with dogs, however, for our safety we ask that protective dogs and unfriendly dogs be in a pen, put in the house or tied up so there is no risk of being attacked while cleaning your yard. We will not work in an unsafe yard. If the animal cannot be contained on the scheduled cleaning day, please notify us ASAP so we can arrange a suitable day for your clean-up. We require 24hr notice for any cancelled appointments or any changes you want to make to avoid being charged for a visit that you did not want. 

What do you do with the Poop?

We supply all the bags need to pick up the poop. We do not take the poop away with us. We leave  the poop behind with you. We do make sure the bags a neatly placed and that it is easy and mess free for you to handle

I'm so glad you guys thought of this service....Kerri Sudbury

I'm really happy you guys do this kind of thing because I can't stomach it..... Cheryl Sudbury

I would have booked sooner but your only available on weekends, let me know if that changes....Mark and Carole Sudbury

You guys have been a big help...Thank you Thank you Thank you....Jesse Sudbury

This year I just had no time to pick up the winter mess and I was so happy you could help with it.....Sue North Bay

My yard was a mess with my 2 big dogs and you guys saved it thank you.....Kyle Sudbury

I couldn't believe you have a business like this in my area thank god because my yard was ugly with dog poop and you did a great job cleaning it up....Susan Sudbury

I will definitely pass the word on about your business, thanks for the clean yard....Jake Hanmer

I'm really satisfied with this service. I hire them every year for the big spring cleaning and I love it. I have clean yard in no time and I didn't have to waste a weekend doing it or fight with the kids to do it. Lynn Coniston

I was really happy with the job you did it, was a little pricy but at the end it was worth it.....Jessica Dowling

My brother told me about this service and I thought it was silly at first but when I hired them for the spring cleaning it changed my mind completely. They did a great job and saved me so much time and back aches Jim Garson

Please don't stop doing what you do it has really helped a lot of older people (like myself) with this dirty job....John Val-Caron

My brother Gary is blind and has a service dog, he lives alone so there is no one around to pick up the dog poop then I found out about this the business and the service they offer so I got in touch with them and they are so nice and helpful its the best thing I did for my brother. I would recommend anyone living with a disability to hire this company and  they even gave Gary a discount too

Mary Sudbury

I wish you had more availabilities...that was a down fall for me...Sarah North Bay

I have done some research and you prices are right in the middle for this type of service and for this area.....Norm and Stacey Sudbury

I was looking for something cheaper in price but once you were done in my yard I walked around and realized it was worth what I paid, I have hired others in the past and did not do as good of job as you guys did so thank you....Michelle and Jeff Sudbury

Your team for fast. It usually takes me a good couple hours but you guys were done in 1/2 hr and did a great job too Mike Garson